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K.A.N. Development

K.A.N. Development Group of Companies was incorporated in 2001, when professional development business was only starting up. Within the years of active work and ceaseless self-perfection we grew up from a team engaged into one project into a large system-based development company that is involved simultaneously in more than 10 projects of various stages of completion. The aggregation of successfully developed facilities, an under-development projects portfolio, as well as an unquenchable potential of highly competent professional team is our recipe of holding a leading position in the national development.

So far, we have a successful experience of system-based property management: creation of concepts, designing, construction and operation of business-centers of А class, shopping malls of premium segment, multi-level commercial parking lots, cottage settlements. The company unites project management specialists, an architect bureau, a construction company being the general contractor (K.A.N. Stroi), own studio of comfort, specialized divisions of engineering, operational, financial, commercial and legal support of the projects, and the property sale company.

K.A.N. Development is a member of numerous professional organizations and associations, with Ukrainian Building Association and the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (Chicago, IL, USA) among them, and it also joins the experimental programs of high-rise construction approved by the Ministry of Regional Development. We cooperate with the leading national and foreign project bureaus and engineering companies, and we keep on expanding our own possibilities through introduction of new technologies and management methods. Today we aim at being the first on the Ukrainian market of development services and construction.



Modern Kyiv could hardly be imagined without all those things created by Kievgorstroi during the years of its operation. New history of Kyiv and the history of Kievgorstroi are tightly and inextricably intertwined.

The company’s history starts from 1955 when the Head Office of Residential and Civil Construction at Kyiv Municipal Executive Committee was formed on the basis of specialized enterprises of Kyiv. Glavkievgorstroi was established in order to increase the volume of residential and civil construction in the capital of Ukraine, implementation of industrial methods of residential construction.

Right from the first years of operation, volume of construction by Glavkievgorstroi several-fold exceeded the volumes completed by the organizations that joined it, and as soon as in ten years the volume increased almost 30-fold. 

Formation of integrated homebuilding factories gave the possibility to initiate large-panel house construction in Kyiv, which significantly improved conditions of Kyiv dwellers’ life. The first 5-storey panel house was assembled in Druzhby Narodiv boulevard in 1958.

Kievgorstroi is the organization that built the majority of unique property adding charm to the city: Slavutych, Lybid, Kyiv, Sport, Khreshchatyk, Salut, Kazatskyi hotels, a memorial complex of the Great Patriotic War, ASK television building, universities, universal shops, industrial facilities and constructions, laboratory units and a great number of other facilities.

57-years-performance of Kievgorstroi means:

A developed city which more than 9-fold exceeds the housing stock of pre-war Kyiv;

  • 44 million square meters of living area;
  • 649 kindergartens;
  • 344 general secondary schools;
  • Over 200 large-scale health care facilities;
  • Thousands of houses and constructions intended for trade, domestic services and production;
  • Tens of cinemas, libraries and hotels;
  • Hundreds of laboratories and educational facilities, research institutions and universities;
  • Thousands kilometers of roads, utility networks and communications of various purposes, which ensure operation of municipal economy;
  • Attraction of almost one billion hryvnias from domestic investors into construction;
  • Formation of social and production basis for establishment of a civilized market of residential property.



TMM is a vertically integrated development construction full-service company. ТММ has been operating on the construction market of Ukraine since 1994 and is among the leading building companies of Ukraine. Since 2007, shares of this company have been quoted at Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Within the 18 years of successful performance, ТММ has put into commission 32 projects of residential and commercial estate accounting for over 600 thousand sq. m. More than 2000 families are living now in ТММ -built complexes in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Zhytomyr. Among the completed projects in Kyiv: residential complex Trimph in Zvirynetska street, KOMOD shopping mall, a residential complex in Volodymyrska Str. 49 а , a residential complex in H.Tymofeievoi etc.

Over 200 sq. m of estate are now at the stage of construction by ТММ . The most ambitious company’s project being constructed now is a residential complex Soniachna Brama in Kyiv, which is implemented as a project of district development and consists of 14 residential houses. Soniachna Brama project was awarded by the international competition European Property Awards 2011 in the category “High-rise Residential Property” in Ukraine.


«LIKO-HOLDING» construction company

«LIKO» financial and industrial group is a multi-business concern with successful experience of work on the market of Ukraine. It includes over 40 firms headed by the LLC «TMO «Liko-Holding». «Liko-Holding» has a 20-year history of continuous activity and is a pioneer of construction sector in Ukraine. Structural subdivisions of the Holding provide:

  • full range of construction services, from projects development up to facilities commissioning;
  • sale of apartments and non-residential premises in «Liko-Grad» capital residential area (Teremki-ІІ, Goloseevskiy district); 
  • leasing of non-residential premises in the central part of the city and in residential area;
  • housing and public utility services for residents of «Liko-Grad» residential area;
  • design and interior decoration services;
  • manufacturing of fiberglass millwork;
  • manufacturing of cabinet-work furniture, doors, etc.;
  • trade and public catering services;
  • domestic services for population.

The main activity of the company involves comprehensive development of a new modern «Liko-Grad» residential area. Upon construction of every new building or other facility «Liko-Grad» turns into a picturesque town with its own central square, cozy streets and parkways in environmentally-friendly district of Kiev - Goloseevo. District infrastructure constantly develops: the residents already have stores, beauty shops, dental clinics, foreign languages school, Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Savior and a new kindergarten «Liko-Svit» at their disposal. In the short term the company plans to construct modern institutions, shopping malls and business centers as well as to open large sports complex «Liko Sport Life».  

One of the key success criteria of the company’s activity is application of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly materials, the most up-to-date foreign technologies and own know-how in construction. The buildings are outfitted with metal-plastic windows. The apartments have better developed layouts and price policy is oriented at people with average income and young families. «Liko-Holding» also takes an active part in the state program «Affordable housing 30/70».. 

«Liko-Holding» can also boast of the range of social implication facilities such as kindergartens, schools and sports grounds.


Bud House Group

Investment development company Bud House Group has been actively developing within the last years, and since the moment of its foundation it has considerably enlarged both in terms of number and size of projects, and in terms of field of activity conducted.

The company is primarily engaged in construction and development of real property in the territory of Ukraine, as well as comprehensive management over them. The company’s activity includes:

  • Purchase and lease of land for further development;
  • Purchase of real property for further development;
  • Acquisition of projects being under development;
  • Raising external investment for the projects being under development;
  • Cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign companies. 

Bud House Group implements projects in the segments of trade, office, hotel and country estate in Kyiv and Kyiv region, in the cities of Sumy, Cherkasy, Ivano-Frankivsk and Zaporizhzhia.