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Troeshchina Sport Life club’s birthday

August 18, 2014

Troeshchina Sport Life fitness club celebrated its first anniversary in style on August 16, 2014!

Treasure Island in Sport Life Leningradska ploshcha

June 2, 2014

On June 1st an event dedicated to Children’s Day took place in the children’s club Sportlaifik in Leningradska ploshcha. 

Baby’s swim in Sport Life Cherkasy

June 2, 2014

On June 1st an annual baby’s swim was held in Sport Life Cherkasy. 

Sport Life Pozniaky conducted The Most Sporting Family contest

June 2, 2014

On June 1, the Children’s Day, the children’s club Sportlaifik Pozniaky held an event for young Sport Life visitors and their parents. 

Young Talents in Sport Life Pozniaky

June 2, 2014

On May 30-31 the staff of the children’s club Sportlaifik Pozniaky organized an exhibition for their little visitors and their parents: “Rhythmic gymnastics” for kids 3-4 years and “Acrobats” for kids 5-6 years.

The 8th of March at Osokorki "Sportliyfik"

March 10, 2014

The International Women’s Day celebration was held at Osokorki "Sportliyfik" on Saturday, the 8th of March. More than 30 kids took part in the event.

"Lovey-dovey" in Kherson "Sportliyfic"

February 17, 2014

A festive event "Lovey-dovey" was held in Kherson children’s club "Sportliyfic" on February 14.

"Athletes" tournament at Osokorki "Sportlyific"

February 17, 2014

"Athletes" tournament preliminary round took place at Osokorki "Sportlyific" on Saturday, February 15.

Aquatlon Championship in Cherkassy Sport Life club!

February 2, 2014

Open aquatlon championship took place on January 30-31 in Cherkassy. 

New Year at Dnepropetrovsk Sport Life club

December 25, 2013

Two New Year parties for the little ones and for the older kids took place in Dnepropetrovsk "Sportliyfic" on December 22. 

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