Sport Life Group

Sport Life supported SNOW RACE in the ski resort Bukovel

February 27, 2017

A season of incredible obstacle races 2017 has been opened! On February 25 “SNOW RACE” took place at the territory of the ski resort Bukovel. 

Swimming competition “League FIT-3” took place in Sport Life

February 21, 2017

On Saturday, February 11 the swimming tournament of amateur swimmers “League FIT-3” that has already become traditional finished.

Winter race “KMRC SNOW RUN” was held with the support of Sport Life

February 20, 2017

310 participants started at 5 and 10 km distances at the tracks of VDNH.

Sport Life – an official partner of Kyiv Family Sports Championship 2017

February 20, 2017

The families of Solomianskyi district were the first who struggled for a title of Family sports champion in the capital.

Sport Life supported the Kyiv basketball clubs

January 16, 2017

On January 14 two engrossing basketball matches were held in the capital Palace of Sports.

Players of Cherkaskyi Dnipro trained in Sport Life

January 12, 2017

Having done a thorough-going evaluation of condition and material supply of gyms and fitness centres of their city the members of football club Cherkaskyi Dnipro reasonably decided in favour of a single acceptable variant. 

The second stage of the Open Kyiv Cup of beach volleyball Stolychnyi took place

June 20, 2016

The tournament was attended by 35 mixed teams.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Night Run took place in Kyiv

June 13, 2016

More than 2000 participants took part in the event, they started two distances: 5 and 10 km. In addition, there was held the roller’s race.

The first stage of the Open Kyiv Cup of beach volleyball among women’s teams took place

June 13, 2016

On June 11-12, 2016, the first stage of the Open Kyiv Cup of beach volleyball among women’s teams the Stolychnyi 2016 was held on the grounds of the Olmeca Plage beach complex.

The aquathlon championship took place in Cherkasy with the support of Sport Life

June 7, 2016

On June 6-7 the open championship of Cherkasy was held — aquathlon competition.

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