Sport Life Group

«Sport Life» continues building of a new fitness club in spite of the crisis

January 9, 2009

Despite the crisis, Sport Life continues building of the first accessible and qualitative fitness clubs network. The second in succession «Sport life» fitness centre will be opened at Bazhana prospectus in the Kharkovsky district of Kiev.

Two weight gyms, one cardio room, 5 studios for fitness, pilates, yoga and martial arts, an exercycle's gym, a game-playing gym, two squash courts and a 25-metre swimming pool will be located at a 5-thousandth-square-meter area.

«We have set a concrete socially-significant goal to make a healthy lifestyle popular again. Thanks to our first club more than 10 thousand Kievers became fans of sports and health. In the near future «Sport life» will open 10 fitness clubs in all Kiev districts. And due to it we will turn to sports more than 100 thousand people». Such plans of campaign have been sounded by Dmitry Yekimov, the founder of the group of companies «Sport life».

Dmitry Yekimov is assured that Kievers will go to «Sport life»'s clubs. For the first time in Ukraine, «Sport life» has started to build a network of fitness clubs which is different both high quality of services and the democratic subscriptions prices from other fitness clubs. Such policy does sports activity more accessible and also promotes development of a sports infrastructure in Ukraine, advancing values of a healthy lifestyle.