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Press Conference On The Opening In Kremenchug (Interfax)

October 24, 2013

Today, on October 24, The press conference devoted to the huge sport complex opening in Kremenchug was held in Interfax-Ukraine.

Valeriy Motsar, «Europabud» director general:

— I’m very pleased that I’ve got an opportunity to bring a project to life in my city. There are no facilities of the kind in Kremenchug and this is 100 % true. There are some little clubs and swimming pools but their infrastructure and engineering assistance do not reflect the modern time criteria. However the most advanced world tendencies, water purification systems such as ozone treatment, ultraviolet, huge special filters and others are deployed in our swimming pool. Moreover the fact that there will be a children’s club here is a great advantage for the facility of the kind.

Maxim Zaretskiy, «Sport Life» managing partner group of companies:

— Kremenchug sport complex is a mini Palace of Sports. From the point of view of construction works, project, reliability and performance this is really a Palace. All complex of fitness-services and services connected with it are located under the roof of one building. This very fact makes the project unique in the framework of the city of Kremenchug for there haven’t been anything of the kind here before.

— Construction works of a club start with an allotment. Our club is located in the big avenue connecting two biggest district in the city. It’s very comfortable, — said Valeriy Motsar about one more advantage of the new «Sportlife» club. 

— All utility lines are led to the club at the moment. It undergoes the latest stages of construction works. The deadline for opening the sport complex is the end of January — the middle of February 2014, — commented the speakers of the press conference on the project implementation stage.


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New club in Kremenchug — these are 3,5 thousand sq.m. comprising absolutely everything for the functional fitness exercising: ultra-modern 6 lanes’ sport swimming pool, group sessions studios, gym with a best American equipment, fight-club, SPA-complex with a world’s best saunas, unique service such as children’s club and others.