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Sport Life fitness club at Kurenevka has been introduced into service

January 30, 2014

This is the 31 st network Sport Life fitness club in Ukraine.

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January 31

January 31


January 31


January 31

January 31

January 31


50 fitness clubs with the total area of 250 sqm will be opened for more than 300 000 Ukrainians till the end of the year.

As the world experience shows, fitness club existence at the territory of a business centre has always been an advantage for a landlord as well as for the tenants themselves.

"Sport Life Fitness Club is an ideal tenant for any business centre. Not only we pay a rent which is pegged to a dollar on time notwithstanding any crises, but we also create fundamental advantages for other tenants.

Just imagine how happy the business center employees will be if they are able to go downstairs by elevator to visit the fitness club where different bathes, gyms, spa, massage and squash courts are waiting for them any time in the afternoon or after work.

We create a market advantage by our presence there. That’s why we are currently working at the best business centers of the country  101 Tower and IQ Business Centre. More than that, we are looking for new partners." — commented Aleksandr Stepanov, Sport Life Development Director General, on the new fitness club opening.


Existence of professional squash courts is considered to be one of the real boons of a new club.

"The Englishmen say that squash is the best kind of sport for busy people. The letter is vitally important nowadays for there’s lack of time and space. Unfortunately it is not so popular in Ukraine as it is in the West. Only thanks to Sport Life this kind of sport has started developing rapidly. We have already built more than 12 courts and intent to built about 30."  said Dmitriy Shcherbakov, Sport Life network fitness director , about squash development in Ukraine.

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