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Everything what you wanted to know about Yoga!

July 14, 2014

Our opportunities are endless, to uncover these opportunities – more than enough, only to want it, - not without reason the star coaches and experts suppose, who just before gathered together the participants of the fest PLAZMA SPORT TRENDS for the series of trainings, lectures and workshops. They shared the secrets of Yoga and Ayurveda, incredibly popular in modern world in Trading and Entertainment  Complex PLAZMA. Number of followers exceeds tens of millions, and the majority of trend systems of health improvement and nutrition based on these ancient studies, which provisions tested by centuries of practice. That`s why, there is no wonder, that the fest of new opportunities PLAZMA SPORT TRENDS, devoted to make sports and healthy lifestyle popular and reasonable, could not help picking out this section. 

If sports open the way to control over body and sense of confidence, then Yoga trains the straight of body and mind, gives the opportunity to become strapped and undisturbed, teaches to withstand the onslaught of aggression and irregularity of the environment. 

Experienced yoga instructor of the chain of fitness-clubs Sport Life Kateryna Reprintseva offered festival visitors not only to learn about yoga trend types, but also ensure their own experience in their effectiveness.  For the workshop she has chosen six of the most interesting and accessible yoga-disciplines for beginners, who do sports in Kyiv: YOGA23, Universal Yoga, Hot Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, exotic shades yoga and trendy antigraviti yoga. What is the most interesting, the first two of the yoga systems, which are known far beyond the boundaries of Ukraine, were developed by Kyiv citizens. 

The legendary founder of Kyiv clinic "Ayurveda 192" Victor Matsyshin in accessible and exciting way told about Ayurveda — an ancient practice of healing and recovery, application of the principles in everyday life which opens up new possibilities for our body. Also have been continued a series of lectures by the famous nutritionists Tatiana Fialkova and Kateryna Pavlova, the theme of the new practice session was "The food that brings harmony." Fest participants learned to distinguish healthy food from bringing discomfort and harm, to understand the reasons of the impact of food on overall health and sense of harmony. 

At the fest, it was announced the start of the contest on the site Vgorode. Anyone who wants to make sports a part of their lives, the fest PLAZMA SPORT TRENDS gives the opportunity to win the gym membership to fitness club Sport Life. You just should take a picture on the background of a live photo booth PLAZMA SPORT TRENDS in the TEC PLAZMA (Metro station Petrivka, Moskovskyi Ave, 20B), upload picture with hashtag #plazmasporttrends under fasting on the contest page on Facebook Vgorode and collect likes. Ten participants, who collect the highest number of likes, will receive certificates for a month of training in Sport Life, which is located in Plazma. Awarding of the winners will take place at the next event of the festival — modern sports dance section on July 26. As always, the classes are free. 

TEC PLAZMA is a unique sports trading center in Kyiv that combines full range of opportunities for sport and active leisure: shopping facilities offer sports uniforms and accessories, sports club with swimming pool and the country's largest bowling allow spending time with health benefits and being fit.