Sport Life Group

Aqua Day in Sport Life Osokorky!

September 22, 2014

On September 20 there was held a number of events, dedicated to the club’s Anniversary in swimming pools of Sport Life Osokorky club.

5-6 years old children had fun in a wading pool, practicing dancing steps of various styles. The children greatly enjoyed themselves and got a lot of positive emotions.

A new Aqua Dance water fitness lesson was conducted for all club customers in adult swimming pool. Lively actives motions to music made all people refine themselves smiling. Upon dancing aerobics block anybody who wants to might train their abs by interesting compound series.

There was also presented a new author’s class of Elite Beginner Swimmers for adults, wanting to learn elements of correct swimming. The lesson helps learning basics of swimming, moving in water, improving your physical form, mood and mental state.

We are doing our best to make your body beautiful and healthy and your mood positive! Impatiently waiting for you on our new classes!!!