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Pumpkin-Party at Dnipropetrovsk Prioziorny "Sportlyific"!

October 27, 2014

On Sunday, October 26, an event devoted to Halloween holiday was held at Dnipropetrovsk Prioziorny “Sportlyific”.

The holiday was visited by children of different ages from the little ones to those who are older. The quest included marry competitions, games and quizzes, every child could be a mummy and try to eat an apple without the help of his hands! At the end of the party the participants helped the “witches” to cook the magic portion and the bravest ones could touch it inside the magic toothy box!

The holiday ended up with the craft workshop where children could do baskets from pumpkins with their own hands. There they put their sweet treats. Our magic holiday ended up on this pleasant tune and our little customers’ happy eyes turned out to be the biggest gift for the loving instructors.