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Media tour to new Sport Life at Arsenalna

October 13, 2015

The leading TV-channels of the country participated in the media tour: STB, 5 channel, New channel, UBR, 24 channel, ICTV and Business channel.

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Our specialists acquainted the media representatives with the behind the scenes of the sports club in the “Senator” business centre.  

“We are preparing a premium club for opening. 2 group training studios, a cycle studio and panoramic gym will be located there. We expect the company employees having their offices in this business centre would be our main clients in this club. This will save their time considerably and allow to combine successfully work and sports load. And as you know they give energy for a man and increase vitality”, — Oleksandra Pisanko comments. Director of Marketing of Sport Life.   

Sports clubs in the large office and business centres are popular all over the world. We have acquainted with this format recently. The sports clubs have been already opened in the business centre 101 Tower and IQ to promote a healthy lifestyle and improve commercial real estate infrastructure.     

 “Sport Life fitness club would be an undeniable advantage of our business centre. As it would greatly broaden our range of services, enhance the centre prestige and increase the cost of our floor space” — says Olena Persukhova. Manager of “Senator”.

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