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Sport Life chose the most beautiful “Miss University 2016”

April 22, 2016

On April 21 the “Miss University 2016” award ceremony was held in the auditorium of the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. 

The event was held with the support of the general sponsor of the contest the Honorary president of the building company Liko-Holding Ihor Lysov and the official partner Group of companies Sport Life.      

In his turn Ihor Volodymyrovych, as the president of the contest jury, expressed his hope that the KNUCA Miss crown struggle would be interesting and spectacular as the organizers and sponsors did everything to hold this contest on the high level. Addressing the participants and guests of the show he noticed: “On occasion I would like to cite Arthur Schopenhauer’s words: “From the standpoint of youth, life seems to be an endless future. From the standpoint of old age – very short past”. So, I would greatly prefer each of you to have an endless future.”         

The contest started from the presentation appearance of the participants, after that the beauties defiled in the power-dressing. Artistry competition was the next contest: the girls had to recite the specified poetry showing different emotional feelings.       

The contestants showed a great gamut of emotions in the poetry of Francesco Petrarca, Lina Kostenko and Vasyl Symonenko, proving that they are not only beautiful, but artistic. And the swimming suit appearance demonstrated once again that the KNUCA students are incredibly beautiful and graceful.     

The people’s artist of Ukraine Petro Maha was the presenter of the “KNUCA Miss” contest. He perfectly conducted the ceremony creating an easy and friendly atmosphere in the hall. The final appearance of participants in the luxurious evening dresses was followed by the exciting moment of winner declaring. Bozhena Kharchenko won audience choice award. She became the second KNUCA runner-up and got the present from the Group of companies Sport Life – an annual pass for training in the clubs of the leader of fitness industry in Ukraine. Anna Nepliakh won a title of the first KNUCA runner-up as well as the Sport Life club card. However, Anna Fatieieva won the winner’s crown of the “KNUCA Miss” contest. She was the one who became an owner of the Sport Life main prize – Premium club card.                  

“Beauty is first of all health. This is the reason the group of companies Sport Life gladly supports our beauties in their desire for reaching the most courageous aims. As only becoming the owners of our club pass they may be sure their beauty and health are in the professional hands.” – comments Yuliya Pavlenko, a juror of the contest jury and PR-director of the group of companies Sport Life. 

The winner of the contest in her turn thanked in her final speech the organizers and sponsors for the initiative of such contest conducting and its amazing realization at the scene of home university and also expressed gratitude to all the contestants for the support and many interesting moments. 

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