Sport Life Group

Alexander Drozd presented an annual subscription to Sport Life fitness-centre to his wife

April 30, 2009
Newspaper “по-українські”

The minimum price for annual subscription is 1900 hrn.


Alla Stryzhnuk (age 21) from Kiev has been doing sports in the Sport Life fitness-centre during 3 months.

  • - I am a photo model, so doing sports is absolutely essential for me - explains Alla.


Her husband presented an annual subscription to Alla as a birthday present.


  • - The special proposition took place when we buy two subscriptions for half-price. We saved 8000 hrn as a result. Now we have two Premium-Club subscriptions and we can use all the services with no limits. I like shaping, yoga and dancing very much. Also I like going to swimming pool with hydro zone and stationary bicycle training. - Alla says.