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The first all-Ukrainian wakeboarding tournament “Poltava Wake Open” took place in Poltava

June 12, 2017

The all-Ukrainian wakeboarding tournament “Poltava Wake Open” was held on June 10-11 with the support of the network of fitness clubs Sport Life at the territory of the country complex “The Cape of Good Hope”. The “OnTop Wake” team was the organizer of the first wakeboarding tournament in Poltava which made on its own the obstacles and a self-designed reverse ropeway. 

13 riders from Kyiv, Odesa and Poltava came to participate in the competition. The participants competed in four categories: amateurs (men and women) and professionals (men and women). The youngest participants were 9 years, one of them, Danylo Kleshchar from Kyiv took the 2nd place in the professional category.

Danylo commented on his victory with enthusiasm: “I have been in wakeboarding since I was 2.3. When I was eight I participated in the World Championship that took place in Philippines. I took the 1st place in the junior boys category. I dream to become a champion in the professional category! I liked the competition in Poltava! There were complicated figures. I have never ridden on such figures. It was also the first time I performed in the men-pro category. Thanks to spectators and their support I thought I had a chance to win. And I did my best! I even learned a new trick! In addition, it was very pleasant to receive the audience choice award! And many prizes from the organizers!”

Roman Makarenkov won in the men-pro category. He noted: “It was very interesting location. The figures were various and complicated. The height of the ropeway is 12 metres that played its part for good riding, as there are no such high ropeways in Ukraine. And the most important! The prize fund is one of the best I have seen during all wakeboarding competitions in Ukraine. However, it wasn’t a key factor for me, the first thing I got interested in were the new figures which I’ve not seen in other parks!”

Yuriy Zozulia, the president of the Wakeboarding Federation of Ukraine, also came to participate in the amateur category. He also noted a high level of tournament organization and originality of location and figures.

The organizers held the jib-contest at the end — performance of riders on figures, without tricks on calm water. The contest had two prize categories: rider and audience choice award. It became an innovation for the Ukrainian wakeboarding competition. 

All winners got the valuable presents from the event organizers. The best participants could keep in great shape and do sport in the network of fitness clubs Sport Life.