Sport Life Group

Sport Life will reequip “Zaporizhstal” sports complex into a health and fitness centre

June 26, 2017

On June 26 the press conference with the participation of the management of the group of companies Sport Life, PAO “Zaporizhstal” as well as city administration was held in the sports complex “Metalurh”. 

The group of companies Sport Life became an investor of the sports complex “Metalurh” and would modernize and redesign it into a modern health and fitness centre. 

Sport Life will start the sports complex reconstruction as early as July 1. The first stage is planned to be ready by the autumn — before a start of autumn and winter training period, and a separate water complex with several pools and aqua zone will be built next year near the main building of sports complex “Metalurh”. 

 “An option of attraction of real professionals of sports management is the most promising. From a sport development perspective in Zaporizhzhia it’s essential that not a thousand of sportsmen to visit the sports complex on a regular basis, but dozens of thousands of Zaporizhzhia inhabitants. Due to step-by-step reconstruction Zaporizhzhia inhabitants could continue to do sport, train, participate in competitions that would still be held on the basis of sports complex”, — commented Rostyslav Shurma, Director General of PAO “Zaporizhstal” 

Modernization of sports complex “Metalurh” would be done on a phased basis to make certain sections of sports complex still work. Changing rooms and showers would be constructed in the first turn. What is more this block would be built “from scratch” by the best international standards. In addition, Sport Life company would construct a modern water complex for adults and kids without affecting the main building of sports complex. 

“Sport Life network would be enlarged to 150 objects over the next 5 years. We plan to establish 4 fitness clubs in Zaporizhzhia. This development will happen through construction of new sports complexes and through redesign work and full repair of Soviet sports objects”, — noted Dmytro Yekimov, the founder of the Group of companies Sport Life. 

Mr. Yekimov also emphasized: “The world-class championships of more than 50 sports are held regularly on the basis of our network. The European Diving Championship finished last week in our club Teremky, there were held the international box, swimming, squash and other sports championships. That’s what creates an image of our state abroad”.