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A match of American football between “Atlantes” and “Lions” was held in Lviv

August 7, 2017

On August 5 a match of the Ukrainian League of American football was held as part of the Ukrainian Championship at the SKA stadium in Lviv with the support of the network of fitness clubs Sport Life.

The local “Lions” played with the team from Kharkiv “Atlantes”. The teams have never met before. Both teams won by four games and lost by one. “Lions” from Lviv placed 2nd in the standings before this match, and “Atlantes” were the 3rd. That’s why the match was very important as it determined who would have a right of home field in the semi-final.

The struggle on the field was uncompromising and bright. “Lions” team gave way to “Atlantes” with a score 38:0, but didn’t lose hope to win it back. On September 2-3 “Lions” will play the next match with the same “Atlantes” in Kharkiv.

Except the interesting game the fans of the teams had a surprise from the partner — the network of fitness clubs Sport Life. The lucky ones received the gym memberships and an opportunity to do sports in the Sport Life fitness clubs.