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The major opening of the residential complex “Panorama” was held in Dnipro!

August 6, 2017

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On August 5 a grand opening of one of the best residential complex “Panorama” took place in Dnipro! The modern complex “Panorama” is a safe, comfortable, cosy corner of paradise in the heart of the city. A concept of the residential complex is to create a perfect space for rest that is provided by a nice location, spacious territory with the total area of 3.18 ha, fence with the closed security system. One of the largest fitness clubs in the city — Sport Life, which is equipped with the full-fledged aqua zone, kid’s and baby’s pools, SPA-complex, children’s fitness academy and ultramodern fitness zones, is located at the complex territory. The infrastructure of the complex “Panorama” also includes a modern multi-field clinic, yoga centre, comfortable cafes, beauty salon and three-level underground parking.

A grand family festival Family Day was held as a part of the residential complex “Panorama” opening. The festival official opening was held and bicycle ride started in the morning. The festival continued with the entertaining “Family starts” where each family member had to do the most interesting tasks.

A press tour was also held as a part of the grand opening of the complex “Panorama” where the general director of the construction company “Stroitel-P” Viktor Popov and the city mayor Borys Filatov participated: the study tours, rise on the viewing platform and press briefing were held for mass media.

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The city mayor of Dnipro noted: “”Today we open not just the residential complex, we open the mini-microdistrict constructed by the book of city planning. There is a doctor's office, sports club, club of children’s crafts. We should build like this!”

“Everything is made here to live comfortably! When we started the complex “Panorama”, we wanted to do its whole territory to be residential. That’s why even the cars drive from the left and right side of the complex and go to underground garages at once”, — commented Viktor Popov.

In the evening the guest could enjoy beloved Vlad Yama’s master class, the festival concert where beautiful Tina Karol was a headliner and raffle of gifts from the company “Stroitel-P” and sports partner, network of fitness clubs Sport Life. This festival made unforgettable impressions on adults and kids!