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The international race Be more human was presented on the roof of Kyiv Central Department Store!

August 1, 2017

On August 1 the presentation of the international project in Ukraine — a team challenge race “Be more human” to be held on September 16 at VDNH took place in the central department store with the support of the network of fitness clubs Sport Life.

While giving the project presentation, the organizers presented a philosophy of new format of race to the Ukrainian leaders of fitness industry and followers of a healthy lifestyle the basic idea of which is a man’s transformation through fitness. Be more human involves a hard teamwork, a fight with own doubts and fears. Everyone should experience it. By registering to the race a participant decides to an important step, takes the challenge that already makes him stronger. On September 16 he would have to overcome a challenge distance in the team. This experience would test what he is capable of, whether he is ready to work towards the same goal, accept friend’s support, and sometimes make more of an effort than he is used to. This is a chance to become more united, discover new resources and opportunities, be the best version of himself.

Also, as a part of the presentation, the plank hold contest was held among everyone interested. The best got the gym memberships of the network of fitness clubs Sport Life and Reebok t-shirts.

On September 16 the organizers are planning to gather 2000 participants and more than 2500 spectators and fans at VDNH. The participants would run the team race of 7 km and have 10 challenges testing strength, stamina and team spirit. Each team has to have 6 persons two of whom are of the same gender. You should gather and register a team in advance. To join the international project Be more human, you shouldn’t be a professional sportsman. All you need is to work closely together in a team doing your best.

The teams would learn about the challenges on the day of the competition. Especially for the preparation of participants the organizers do free trainings that would take place once a week in different places of Kyiv. So, the future participants would improve their training level, test their strengths and weaknesses, learn to work in a team, find like-minded persons with whom they can form a team. A training schedule would be soon available on the official website of the event The participants can register their team on this website or when a team has not formed yet to fill in a waiting list that would allow other like-minded people to join you.