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More than 50 thousand inhabitants of Poltava visited opening of Sport Life new fitness club!

October 2, 2017

On September 23 a huge opening of Sport Life new fitness club dedicated to the City Day took place in Poltava!

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This club is a result of cooperation of two socially responsible companies — fitness club network Sport Life and “Ltava” plant, the main goal of which is to make sport available for the inhabitants of Poltava! 


It was possible to open Sport Life fitness club in Poltava due to social responsibility of “Ltava” enterprise. The president of the company Serhiy Zmiyevets hopes fitness and healthy lifestyle would be a good habit for the inhabitants of Poltava now. He pointed out the importance of this project: “We have such diversification — creation of such socially important for people objects. Not only establish such objects, but further develop all directions people need to create jobs, provide a decent wage and make Europe closer. And this object is the very object all inhabitants of Poltava should be proud of as there are also few such objects in Europe as yet. A healthy lifestyle is the most important!” 

The mayor of Poltava Oleksandr Mamay in his turn commented: “The more such complexes are in our city and our country, the better it would be! Because every time I become more and more convinced that only coach, only professional who does sport could make a child a man. And today a healthy nation is the wealthy nation. When a man is healthy, does sport, this man would be useful in his life, business life and everyday life not only for his family, but also for the state!” 

Opening of the largest fitness club in Poltava coincided with the City Day. Sport Life prepared an interesting show program for the inhabitants of Poltava and guests of the city, as well as an excursion around the new fitness clubs for everyone interested. More than 50 thousand inhabitants of Poltava came to the festival! A popular music band “TNMK” was a headliner of the concert and played favourite spectator’s hits. A show presenter Andriy Dzhedzhula created a great mood for the audience. A cover band “F.L.I.R.T.” preformed the world hits on the stage, the instructors of Sport Life fitness clubs showed their professional dancing skills. The best bodybuilders prepared their exhibition performance. The ribbon cutting ceremony also took place on the stage with the participation of the city mayor Oleksandr Mamay and the president of Ltava joint-stock company Serhiy Zmiyevets. At the end of the gala night the inhabitants of Poltava could observe amazing holiday salute the city people would remember for a long time!

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