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ULAF and Sport Life continued to develop American football in Ukraine

September 5, 2017

On September 2 the semifinal of Ukrainian American football Championship in division B was held with the support of Sport Life fitness club at the stadium “Nyva” in Vinnytsia where “Vinnytsia Wolves” and “Jokers” from Kyiv met. 

The team from Vinnytsia beat the Kyivans with a score 35:16 during the difficult match to get into the final. Dmytro Tatskov, who had over half of earned points – 18, was a leader of Vinnytsia team attacks in this match. So, “Vinnytsia Wolves” has a right to play with Kharkiv team “Atlantes” in the Ukrainian Championship Final to be held on September 23. It should be reminded that “Atlantes” beat the team “Lions” from Lviv in the semifinal with a score 13:12. 

About 600 spectators gathered to support their favourite teams, and not least due to a good show program, one component of which was a contest among the spectators where gym membership from a partner, fitness club network Sport Life, was a grand prize. Volodymyr Kushnir won the contest for the largest number of push-ups. 

We congratulate “Vinnytsia Wolves” on getting into the final of Ukrainian Championship 2017!