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Trail race “The rolling stones trail” was held for the first time in Ukraine

September 4, 2017

On September 3 the first in Ukraine fully desert race “The rolling stones trail” was held in the National nature park “Oleshky sands” with the support of fitness club network Sport Life. 

The sportsmen from different cities of Ukraine — Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkiv, Kherson, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk, Odesa, Kryvyi Rih, toed the starting line to challenge the desert, as well as to try own stamina and strength. 

The organizers prepared 25 and 50 km distances for the participants. The track of two distances of the race passed the unique places of Kherson region, sand dunes of the second largest desert in Europe “Oleshky sands”. 

Klymenko Eduard with the result 2:22:40 became the first place winner among the men at the 25 km distance with a time limit of 4 hours. Pichurin Roman finished second with the result 2:27:28 . Yakimov Dmytro covered the distance third with the finish result 2:30:15. 2 sportswomen met the time limit among the women. Horshkova Daria, who finished with the result 3:04:38, got the first place, and Matveev Iryna covered the distance second with the result 3:38:29.

Zhyvov Dmytro with the finish result 5:54:20 was the first among the men who covered 50 km distance with general time limit of 8 hours. Lysenko Andriy with the result 6:01:44 got the second place in the struggle with the desert. Yandulskyi Stanislav with the result 6:39:46 covered the distance third. 3 sportswomen started at this distance among the women, but only Melezhyk Yulia with the finish result 6:51:34 met the time limit. 

All sportsmen, who decided to try own abilities in the race “The rolling stones trail”, gained incredible experience of running across the sand dunes under extreme conditions and unforgettable emotions! And the best got the gym membership from the partner of the race, fitness club network Sport Life.