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The exciting festival Family Day was held in Zaporizhzhia

August 28, 2017

On August 26-27 the family festival Family Day was held in Zaporizhzhia with the support of fitness club network Sport Life. 

The creative workshops, photo area, children’s locations, petting mini zoo, areas of active leisure, sports and health were located near the shopping and entertainment centre City Mall. 

The fitness club network Sport Life organized children’s and sports areas the kids with parents, youth and even older persons visited with interest during two days. The fitness instructors conducted sports warming up for everyone interested before the grand opening of the festival. 

The fitness machines installed in the sports area were of particular interest. Everyone could try the work of stationary bicycle, tone back at the roman chair and lift weights under the supervision of professional instructor. The instructors of the fitness club held interesting creativity activities for children: painted plaster figures, taught to make bracelets and mould in salt dough, and did aqua makeup for kids. Everyone who wanted something more active could do hula hoop, play children’s bowling, badminton or volleyball. There was also a big trampoline in Sport Life area where children jumped, had fun and just took photos. 

Also, as part of the festival there were vocal improvisations, medical advice for parents and many interesting information on the stage for the proper upbringing of young generation. 

The performance of the military brass band, which performed the well-known music hits, was the zest of the second day of the family festival. 

The festival Family Daу was a nice idea for the family to spend time together and provided unforgettable impressions for children and adults!