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Sport Life and Stroitel-P have signed the Memorandum on construction of 3 fitness clubs!

October 23, 2017

The first anniversary of the opening of Sport Life fitness club located in the residential complex Panorama in Dnipro city was celebrated on October 21.

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Another reason for celebration is the signing of the Memorandum on strategic cooperation between Stroitel-P company and the group of companies Sport Life about the construction of another 3 fitness clubs in Dnipro. 

A fitness club in residential complex is an important component of social infrastructure. The managing director of Stroitel-P construction company Viktor Popov noted at a press briefing: “We build not just apartments, but create a social infrastructure for tenants of our complex. It’s important for us to provide comfort, cosiness and safety. Therefore, the infrastructure of residential complex is well designed. Fitness club, children’s development centre, clinics, cafes and three-level parking — everything is within a comfortable distance. In addition, we kept wonderful views of our city. Panorama complex is a corner of paradise in the very heart of Dnipro!” 

The study tours for mass media and a rise on the observation point for full view of the territory were also organized as part of the celebrations. 

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The parties shared their strategic plans while signing the Memorandum. “It was exactly one year today as the doors of fitness club have been opened in our residential complex. This year showed Sport Life was a reliable partner”, — commented Viktor Popov. — So, we have decided to sign the Memorandum on construction of 3 fitness clubs which would be located in our new objects. It’s an honour for us to cooperate with the largest fitness operator in Ukraine Sport Life!” 

The vice-president of development of Sport Life fitness club network Artem Miz also noted: “The main objective of Sport Life is to make fitness available for everyone, and a healthy lifestyle — a standard of daily life of the Ukrainians. We are glad we have such a reliable partner as Stroitel-P. I’m grateful they built such a wonderful modern residential complex Panorama. An ultramodern Sport Life fitness club was opened in this complex a year ago. And we are glad Stroitel-P chose exactly us as a fitness operator”. 

The representative of Sport Life emphasized: “The anniversary we celebrate today proves once again a fruitful cooperation between all parties. The Memorandum on strategic cooperation signed today proves this. Jointly with Stroitel-P we plan to realize another 3 objects where our fitness clubs would be located and would make all inhabitants of Dnipro happy”.