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The first Zaporizhstal Half Marathon was held with the support of Sport Life

November 6, 2017

On November 5 the first mass half marathon — Zaporizhstal Half Marathon 2017 was held with the support of Sport Life fitness club network. About 1500 participants, including both professional athletes and fans of running, participated in the running event. Except the participants from different cities of Ukraine, the sportsmen from 9 countries of the world, in particular the USA, Turkey and Moldova, came to Zaporizhzhia half marathon. 

The individual starts at 2 km, 5 km, 10 km and 21.0975 km distances were held as a part of Zaporizhzhia half marathon. Run for 500 and 1000 m was organized for kids. The organizers offered Family Run for 2 km for those who appreciate an active family leisure. The fun run for 2 km was also held. 

The route of the main distance 21.0975 km ran along the landmarks of Zaporizhzhia and included three bridges joining “green” zones of the city with the modern districts. The participants from other cities saw picturesque places of Zaporizhzhia, discovered a legendary Khortytsia and industrial HEP. 

There were five leaders at the main distance from the very start, including: Roman Romanenko, Taras Salo, Artem Kazban, Oleksandr Babaryka and Anatoliy Bondarenko. Fighting hard the Kyivan Artem Kazban, who covered 21.0975 km in 1: 05: 35.8, became a winner at the half marathon distance. Roman Romanenko was the second with the time 1: 05: 40.8. Taras Salo from Lviv was the last one of the top three with the time 1: 07: 20.6. 

Tetiana Vilisova with the result 1:17:47 was the first at the main distance among the women. Nataliya Semenovych with the time 1:20:20.5 was the second to cross the finish. The sportswoman Anna Pechko won the third place. 

The participants from Zaporizhzhia fought for a leader title of City Cup that was also held as part of the running event. Vadym Sapa became a winner among the men, and Larysa Zhalinskaia became the fastest woman of Zaporizhzhia. 

All finishers of the main distance got prizes and a unique commemorative medal with a picture of Khortytsia. All winners got gym memberships of Sport Life fitness club network. 

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