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A national record of Ukraine has been set during Lviv Half Marathon 2017!

October 30, 2017

On October 29 the international running event — Grand Prix Lviv Half Marathon 2017 took place in Lviv with the support of Sport Life fitness club network. 

The second Lviv Half Marathon gathered 2250 sportsmen and just fans of running from 25 countries of the world! 

The organizers of the race prepared for the participant the traditional individual distances: 21, 10, 5 and 2 km, as well as the relay race. 

Taras Salo from Lviv became a winner of the main distance of Grand Prix Lviv Half Marathon 2017. The athlete finished with the time 1:07:43, getting before the winner of the last year by one minute and set a new record of the track in this way. Ihor Heletiy with the result 1:09:43 won the second place. Oleksandr Babaryka with the time 1:09:49 came to the finish third. 

Valentyna Kilarskaia from Mykolaiv won the first place among the women. She covered the half marathon distance with the time 1:19:12. Mariya Hudak with the result 1:19:55 became the second winner. Iryna Masnik has the third place, her result is 1:24:03

A national record of Ukraine, set by the saver Volodymyr Skovorodka from Kyiv, was an important event of the second Lviv Half Marathon. The athlete became the first sportsman in Ukraine who ran 21.0975 km distance in the full kit of the fireman, the weight of which reaches 17.5 kg. Volodymyr finished with the result 2:14:53. 

The family race for 2 km Family Run was also held for the first time in Lviv as a part of Grand Prix Lviv Half Marathon 2017. The mayor Andriy Sadovyi covered this distance together with 5 sons. The fun run “Winners” was also held for the first time in Lviv. 

The finisher’s medals became a zest of the second Lviv Half Marathon. Each participant of 21.0975 km distance got a unique commemorative medal at the finish with a portrait of Andriy Kuzmenko from the music band “Skriabin”. 

Lviv Half Marathon became the final stage of all-Ukrainian running league Run Ukraine Running League 2017 that included 5 running events in 4 cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa and Lviv.