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The final races of season Race Nation took place in Bukovel!

October 23, 2017

On October 21 an extreme running competition Race Nation took place in Bukovel with the support of Sport Life fitness club network. 

Over 500 sportsmen and just fans of extreme rest participated in Race Nation/Bukovel. The participants overcame impassable obstacles, climbed the steep slopes of the mountains, passed complicated monkey bars, ropes, walls with blocks and other challenges. 

The participants traditionally started at three types of distances. The organizers prepared Race of Strength for 5 km with 20 obstacles, Race of Will for 10 km with 25 obstacles, and Race Ultra for 40 km with 40 obstacles. 

The best athlete of Ukraine and world could summarize the achievements of their sports year in Race Ultra. Kozachok Dmytro, who covered this route and obstacles with the result 05:21:07, became a winner of this distance. 

Dmytro Khurtik with the result 01:38:41 became the first among the men at 10 km distance in Race of Will. Olhichev Denys won the second place, his result is 01:39:26. Pastukh Vasyliy with the result 01:42:36 crossed the finish line third. 

Leventsova Iryna with the result 01:54:55 became a main winner among the women at 10 km distance. Pilipchak Liuda, who covered the route with obstacles with the result 02:09:15, was the second winner. Oleinik Olha, who finished with the result 02:19:20, took the third place. 

Sidenko Oleksiy with the result 00:56:03 became a main winner in Race of Strength for 5 km, and Shamanskaia Anastasiya, who covered the distance in 01:12:59, won the first place among the women. 

Race Nation/Bukovel became the final event of the season of the obstacle races Race Nation. It was a hot, emotional, full of obstacles and wins sports year for the participants of Race Nation.