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Sports festival for ATO heroes’ children took place in Sport Life Lutsk

December 20, 2017

On Saint Nicholas Day the network of fitness clubs Sport Life and voluntary movement “Soldier’s patrons” prepared a special gift for the children of heroes killed in ATO. 

The sports festival was organized in the fitness club Sport Life Lutsk for 80 children who came from different regions of Ukraine. The children had a full of activity cognitive and sport program. Professional coaches of the fitness club showed the kids all sports sections, studios of group classes and conducted warming up. The little guests enjoyed themselves enormously visiting a pool. The aqua gymnastics and diving classes were conducted for them there. The creative workshops and developing classes took place in the children’s fitness academy. 

As well as the children the coaches of Sport Life also enjoyed the sports festival. 

As Kateryna Kit, manager of pool, noted: “The children are very good, emotional, alive. They can’t swim, but they and we received positive emotions”. 

The volunteers also helped to organize the children’s festival.

Ruslan Telipskyi, manager of voluntary movement “Soldier’s patrons”, told how important was to support the children of killed heroes: “We cooperate closely with the fitness network Sport Life for the first time and are sincerely grateful for such an opportunity… We care what their fathers did for us. Given that their fathers are in heaven now, we are fully responsible for their leisure to be more interesting. And do as much as possible to trigger positive emotions”. 

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