Sport Life Group

Charity event of Lviv fitness clubs of Sport Life network

December 19, 2017

It has become a good tradition for Sport Life to visit “Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Centre” for the second year in a row.

This year the staff of Sport Life network congratulated the children from the cancer and surgical departments of the centre on Saint Nicholas Day. 

The employees of the clubs Lviv Heroiv UPA, Chornovola and Naukova conducted an active preparation for the holiday, made the lists of children in need, informed the whole staff of the clubs about the event and an opportunity for everyone interested to join. 

On December 19 Saint Nicholas and the organizers of the event visited the children whom they brought the dream gifts and organized the festive program. In addition to long-awaited presents the children received so important for them support, as well as warmth and love. That’s why the joy and smiles of children’s faces became the best result of the charity event conducted jointly.