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Sport Life supported Ukrainian basketball

February 14, 2018

Two international basketball games were held in the capital Palace of Sports with the support of Sport Life. 

The Ukraine woman’s national team hosted the defending champions of Europe — Spain, as well as the team from Netherlands to qualify for EuroBasket-2019.

Our girls had chances to win playing against Spanish women, but in fair contest the luck was with the competitors at the end — 68:72. However, nobody could stop Ukraine in the contest against the Dutch women — 84:49. 

Our national team has the second place in its qualifying team. Spain is the first, Netherlands is the third, and Bulgaria is the last in the quarter. Only the group winner would be in the European Championship. 6 of 8 teams, which are the best among the second on the additional results, would also receive berths. Namely Ukraine is a leader in the rating of second places at the moment. The blowout over Netherlands just helped it.