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Sport Life became a partner of festive run Ladies Run

March 8, 2018

On Thursday, March 8 already 3rd annual run dedicated to the International Women’s Day was held in Kyiv. 

About 400 persons wanted to meet spring in a sport manner this year. Despite rain and foggy weather the women decided to run 5 km quite originally, for example, combining different clothes, running shoes and coloured skirts. Of course, the men also joined to the meeting of spring and congratulations of women and covered the specified distance with the beautiful female participants at the quite frosty paths of Mariinsky park. 

This run consisted mainly of women, among whom there were both professionals and sport fans. A famous sportswoman Valentyna Shevchenko — bronze world champion, participated just to have a nice mood: 

“I went skiing yesterday and today I decided to run to have a nice mood on March 8”. Only few men tried to win, but other supported their halves with loud applause, watching and meeting their beloved ones with the flowers at the finish. 

Before the start all participants warmed up energetically dancing and doing simple exercises to the music. The organizers assure the athletic exercises are, of course, the best way to meet spring. 

Ten o’clock in the morning and all participants are ready for the start, and we meet the first finalists already in 15 minutes. A participant of the Olympic Games Nazar Kovalenko has gained a victory this year. He, of course, dedicated his little victory and prize to his lovely wife. We meet the Latvian Sihita Lapina in 18 minutes, who, as it turned up, registered in the last minutes before the competition start. The Ukrainian Valentyna Shevchenko won the second place of honour. 

To support and inspire the beautiful participants of the spring run, the network of fitness clubs Sport Life gave the best prize-winners the gym memberships to do sport in any part of Ukraine.