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Partnership relations: fitness clubs — a new trend of the Ukrainian development business

March 29, 2018

On March 29-30 the largest in Ukraine specialized exhibition of retail and development industry — RETAIL & DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS EXPO 2018 was held in the capital NSC Olimpiyskiy. 

More than 2500 guests visited the exhibition: owners, top-management and line managers of the leaders in the market of retail and commercial property of Ukraine and other countries, among which — Poland, Belarus, France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Turkey, Egypt. 

The event was held in two formats: in parallel with the conference involving the leading experts in the sphere of retail and commercial real estate there was also established a large expo-zone, where the group of companies Sport Life presented its stand. 

It’s no coincidence that Sport Life company, as a leader of fitness services in Ukraine, took part in RDBExpo 2018. A primary target of Sport Life is to make fitness available to everyone and a healthy lifestyle — a norm of everyday life of the Ukrainians. Today the network of fitness clubs Sport Life includes: 100 ultramodern swimming pools and spa-zones, 150 high-class gyms, 180 studios for group classes and kid’s clubs. In other words, everything necessary for the fans of a healthy lifestyle. 

Cooperation with new partners is another important step to realize the company’s primary target. 

“Sport Life company understands the importance of dialogue and awareness of mutual necessity between us and developers. Modern shopping centres and residential complexes can no longer fully exist on the market and successfully sustain competition without fitness clubs at their territory. This trend came to Ukraine from the United States and Western Europe not so long ago, but many developers have already understood this necessity and all benefits related to these innovations”. — Oleksandra Havlovska, press secretary of the network of fitness clubs Sport Life. 

Besides the representatives of the Ukrainian companies, the exhibition participants and visitors had an opportunity to meet new foreign retailers only entering the Ukrainian market. As the experience of the last year’s exhibition RDB EXPO 2017 has shown this is a great opportunity to conduct negotiations and establish new business contacts. 

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