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Sport Life is a partner of “Snow Race” in Bukovel

March 26, 2018

The highest obstacle race in Ukraine “Snow Race” was held on March 24! 

The most courage sportsmen covered the distance of more than 7 kilometres. The strong-willed Ukrainians conquered 21 obstacles one by one. The climbing of black slope in the ski resort “Bukovel” turned to be the most complicated obstacle. 

“Snow Race” in Bukovel already gather almost 500 participants. About 100 sportsmen started in the race “ELITE”. This time we gathered one of the strongest athletes of our country. We have also the representatives from other countries aspiring to medal positions — from Belarus, Moldova and America”, - commented Yuriy Pidlisniy, organizer of RACE NATION. 

Petruk Andriy from Khmelnytskyi was the first to cover the track. The winner’s result is 1:14:37. This is his second victory at RACE NATION. And again the 1st place. 

“Sport creates spirit of strong ones. It was not complicated to cover, it was hard to do 30 burpees. And thanks to Race Nation for this landscape, these emotions”, — said Petruk Andriy.

Sidorenko Anastasia won among the women with the result 1:28:12. Her achievements in ski sports: World Champion Andorra 2006, European Champion 2008, Ukrainian Champion 2006-2008, master of sports in ski racing. Currently she is a personal trainer. 

26 teams participated in the team race “TEAM”. Alta-Vista team won with the time 6:50:39.

The participants of the race “STANDART” showed that self-belief and commitment to victory are the most important! The youngest participant of the competition was 18 years old. 55-year old Nataliya Bondarenko became a model of continuous improving. The athlete follower Slava Kulakovskiy also participated in the competition. 

“I’m indestructible and test my body every time. My goal is to become the better version of myself and create a body worth a spirit”, — said Slava Kulakovskiy. 

Test your body and spirit in the races “RACE NATION”! 

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