Sport Life Group

Sport Life has become a partner of festival “Yumorina-2018”

April 2, 2018

On April 1 a festival of humour and satire “Yumorina-2018” was held in sunny Odesa. The inhabitants and guests of the city have been waiting for this spectacular festival of humour and absolute positive for a year. 

Traditionally the network of fitness clubs Sport Life was a partner of “Yumorina-2018” and participated in the carnival procession. An athletic girl-duck was skilfully spinning the pedals-steps on the elliptical trainer inside the decorated car of Sport Life… A strong sea woman Sonia lifted “the heaviest” bar-bell in the world with the weight of one thousand kilograms also moving in the brand car of Sport Life. All this and more: interesting activities, amazing surprises and comic behaviour of different characters, caused the delight and fascination of the audience. 

A photo corner organized by Sport Life was an unforgettable activity of the event, where everyone could take and get an instant photo with the heavy one thousand bar-bell and jokingly take on the role of super athlete only for 10 knee bends. 

Fifteen hundred costumed heroes took part in the carnival parade: Darth Vader, huge leprechauns, characters of Japanese animation cosplay, different fairy tale characters and actors of legendary “Mask-Show”. There were even more spectators of this mass action — all streets near the City Garden were just overcrowded with enormous human flows. 

A great concert program started at the square near the Opera House in late afternoon. The comedians of “95 Quarter” headed by Volodymyr Zelenskiy opened it. Such artists as ALEKSEEV, Vierka Serdiuchka, actors of “Mask-Show” and many other popular artists of Ukraine could also congratulate the inhabitants of Odesa and everyone who visited the city during these festival days.