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The Ukrainian national team became the best in the World Kickboxing Championship!

May 17, 2018

On May 17 the official press conference of the management of the group of companies Sport Life and Ukrainian Kickboxing Federation took place in the first fitness centre with the professional boxing club Sport Life Chernihivska. 

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The following national broadcast media participated in the conference dedicated to the results of the World Kickboxing Championship: 5 channel, 24 channel, STB, New Channel, ISTV, and also leading print and Internet media. 

It should be reminded that the World Kickboxing Championship was held in Ukraine for the first time! The board of directors of the international organization ISKA supported an idea to conduct this sports event in Ukraine during the meeting in December 2017 in Paris. The competition was held from 2 to 6 May in the capital International exhibition centre. 

“This year the World Kickboxing Championship is a perfectly organized sporting event! We support sports competition of any level in Ukraine. We believe sport is a thing that starts in the pre-school institutions with physical training, continues in school, institute, during the further career path. And leads to the result we see today. Sportsmen are the face of the country, an indicator of its development level! It is of great importance how the world sees us. And this shouldn’t be underestimated under any circumstances. We, for our part, are doing our best to conduct the championships at the highest level possible. And we will continue to participate in any sports competitions and international events”, — noted Dmytro Yekimov, founder of the group of companies Sport Life. — “I just want to remind that there will soon be the Junior World Diving Championship. We have built the first international-level pool in the history of independence of Ukraine. And I saw people, European judges, officials, who came to us and admired that could be. We are glad that we can contribute to the development of our country. We are glad to be present not only in Kyiv. Talented people are born everywhere. And we have the opportunity to help them, to help them to bring themselves up”. 

Dmytro Yekimov also shared with the participants of the press conference the development plans of the network of fitness clubs Sport Life: 

“Our plans are very ambitious, we plan to enlarge our network to 150 fitness clubs by 2020. Today already 57 clubs of our network have become the training and competition base for the athletes of more than 50 sports. We are actively developing a franchising program now. We give people equipment, trademark, procedures how to manage a fitness club. We help to start small business in small towns. And at the end of this year we will start a leasing program when core assets necessary for a fitness club we would provide as leasing service to people. To make physical training not only a part of capital picture or a million city. To make it present in small towns and provide young people an opportunity to show themselves. We continue to develop, the company has already 11 years! Hundreds of thousands of people visit our fitness clubs. And we are glad we managed to start such industry in Ukraine and reach such results”. 

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“We together with the Ministry of Youth and Sports could conduct and show high results during the Championships thanks to our partners, coaches, and most important — thanks to our young, ambitious and promising sportsmen! Our team is young, but it has great potential to get new medals and overcome its professional way without difficulties”, — noted Oleh Mandziuk, president of Federation of Kickboxing of Ukraine “ISKA”.

Mr. Oleh also noted the significant efforts of the sportsmen: “I congratulate Ukraine on such high results in the World Kickboxing Championship. Thanks to all sportsmen and coaches for their professional preparation, motivation, and most important — for bright fight during the competition! More than 300 sportsmen from 30 countries participated in the Championship. They shared their enjoyment of our capital, our country with us. And TV broadcasting caused a stir in all countries of Europe and the world!” 

The Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Yaroslav Voitovych emphasized the importance of this competition for our country: “The World Kickboxing Championship was held in Ukraine for the first time — and this is not just a sporting event, this is a very important step in the development of our state. Ukraine also had a unique opportunity to show itself on the world stage as a state able to host the world-class competition at its territory and show own high sport results”, — noted Yaroslav Voitovych. 

At a press conference the medallists of the national kickboxing team of Ukraine shared their impressions from the participation in the championship, told about their plans for the near future, and also conducted open training on the professional ring in the fitness club. 

According to the results of the competition Ukraine has 1 team place in the World Kickboxing Championship having won 47 gold, 32 silver and 22 bronze medals.