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The sportiest family 2018 was chosen in Kyiv!

June 4, 2018

Kyiv Family Sports Championship Superfinal 2018 was held on June 3 with the support of the network of fitness clubs Sport Life. 

21 sportiest families were chosen on the results of qualification phase, held on May 12-13 in the shopping and entertainment centre Karavan. These families received the honourable right to participate in the final. The families showed up with the tables of the capital districts during the introduction between the teams, so they represented not only themselves, but the honour of their district. 

All participants of the Kyiv Family Sports Championship prepared carefully for Superfinal: put on the bright form with the name of the team, surname or family logo, invited the support group and showed a great athletic performance in all competitive relay races. 

The Kharytonovy family won the title of Kyiv sportiest family according to the Association of Family Sports of Ukraine. The Kuzmenko family won the second place. And the Minheresh family had the third place. 

This sports festival was an excellent example of real family values and relationship!