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American football match was held between “Shtorm“ and “Zherebtsi“ in Odesa

July 4, 2018

On June 24 the match was held in Odesa with the support of the network of fitness clubs Sport Life as a part of the Ukrainian Top League of American Football ULAF. 

The teams “Shtorm“ from Odesa and “Zherebtsi“ from Kyiv met during the tournament. 

The team from Odesa beat the Kyivans with a score of 14:8 in this spectacular game. 

Note that was already the second match in the season for both teams. “Shtorm“ played a tie during the first away match against the team from Dnipro “Rakety”. And “Zherebtsi“ beat the local team “Spartantsi” in Dnipro with a score of 24-8. 

So, the game between “Shtorm“ and “Zherebtsi“ was intense and bright. The teams couldn’t break the match open in the first half of the match and the defences of both teams dominated. “Shtorm“ from Odesa managed to make the first touchdown at the end of the second quarter only. The score remained unchanged also in the third quarter. And in the fourth quarter the team from Odesa extended the lead and the score was 14:0. The Kyiv team “Zherebtsi“ made up a ground a bit by one quick touchdown, but had no time to win it back in full. 

Having a win and draw, after two tournaments “Shtorm” placed second in the standings. The team from Odesa will hold the next game also in its homeland with “Vikings” from Mykolaiv. 

In addition to the interesting game, the team fans enjoyed the contests, valuable prizes and hot performance of the team cheerleader from Odesa “Shtorm”. 

The Championship is gaining the momentum and the next games of the American football of Top League ULAF 2018 will be held already on July 7-8.