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The Ukrainian National Basketball team continues to struggle for victory in the World Cup

July 2, 2018

On July 1 with the support of Sport Life the Ukrainian basketball players wanted to beat the Latvian national team in the Palace of Sports in Kyiv. 

Unfortunately, this time away win didn’t happen. But even don’t look at the defeat — we moved further. 3 victories of the first qualifying round contributed to it. 

However, the most complicated is just getting started. Spain, Slovenia and Montenegro will be the opponents of Ukrainians during the second group stage. 

Turkey, Latvia and Ukraine were added to their group. Only 3 of the 6 teams will be at the World Championship. Taking into account the first round scores the Ukrainians have 9 points and 5 place now. Montenegro has the same points, but 4 place due to additional indices. Turkey and Latvia have 10 points and 2 and 3 places respectively, the Turks are also ahead due to additional indices. The Spaniards are the leaders — 12 points and 1 place. 

The Ukrainians have to win in the second stage at any cost. Our team will hold the first home game against Spain in the capital Palace of Sports as early as on September 14.