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The All-Ukrainian aquathlon competition was traditionally held in Sport Life Cherkasy

June 29, 2018

On June 29 the swimming lap of the All-Ukrainian aquathlon competition took place on the basis of fitness club Sport Life Cherkasy.

The All-Ukrainian competition was held with the support of the Marine Martial Arts and Aquathlon Federation of Ukraine, the Office for the Family, Youth and Sports of Cherkasy Regional State Administration, the Department of Education and Humanitarian Policy of Cherkasy City Council, as well as with the support of the network of fitness clubs Sport Life. 

155 sportsmen from eight regions of Ukraine came to participate in the marine martial arts — Kharkiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Donetsk, Poltava, Kherson, Dnipro, Lviv and Cherkasy oblasts. 

The competition was held at different distances according to the age of sportsmen. The youngest participants of 2010 year of birth and younger covered 50 m distance. The sportsmen of 2006-2009 year of birth showed their swimming skills at 100 m distance. And sportsmen of 2005 year of birth and older competed at 200 m distance. 

All participants of the All-Ukrainian aquathlon competition showed the high swimming results. And the sportsmen from Cherkasy region won all prizes. 

Yevtushenko Oleksandr became the first place winner among the youngest participants at 50 m distance, Serhieiev Rostyslav won the second place, Danilevych Kyrylo — the third place. Zuienko Veronika had the first place and gold among the girls at this distance, Pozdniakova Anna won silver, and Yurieva Vladyslava — bronze. 

Atamanchuk Arseniy was the first among the boys at 100 m distance, Lutsenko Yehor — the second one, and Odvichov Bohdan covered the distance third. Lelechenko Sofia won the first place among the girls, Pleten Sofia – the second place, and Bocharova Kamilla — the third one. 

Lobunets Serhiy became the first place winner among the boys at 200 m distance. Tokman Dmytro won the second place, and Podhornyi Vitaliy — the third one. Koshova Faina was the first at this distance among the sportswomen, Zinchenko Sofia — the second one, and Zubkova Sofia — the third one.