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Sport Life supported the Crossfit Championship of the National Ukrainian Guard!

July 10, 2018

This championship became one of the elements that creates and develops a healthy and strong warrior of his country! 

The Crossfit Championship of the National Ukrainian Guard was held on July 8-10 with the support of the network of fitness clubs Sport Life. 

On the first day of the championship 110 best men of the National Ukrainian Guard, 80 per cent of whom are combatants, met in the capital Khreshchaty Park. The participants competed in the performance of strength exercises on the unique crossfit arena in the open air. As part of the championship the military equipment exhibition was organized on that day, as well as the exhibition of inventory and equipment of the leading sports companies of Ukraine. There were the thematic photo grounds, contests and prize drawings were organized, and all spectators and participants of the competition could enjoy tasty soldier’s porridge. 

The following stages of the championships were held on the basis of the military unit 3027 of the North Kyiv operation and area formation of the National Ukrainian Guard. On July 9 the fighters tested their skills in the unit military race with shooting, grenade throwing and crossing of obstacles. In addition to the physical endurance at this stage the men showed a good team work and mutual support. And the third type of competition was presented as the military sports relay race. 

The Crossfit Championship of the National Ukrainian Guard ended with the ceremony of rewarding the winners. So, the best fighters got an opportunity to sharpen their skills in the best fitness clubs of Sport Life network in the country.