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Yekimov and Lysov unveiled the World Diving Championship

July 13, 2018

The World Diving Championship will take place in Ukraine for the first time.

During the run-up to the tournament the press tour was held in the Centre of Sports “Lico-arena”, where Diving Federation of Ukraine and Sport Life fitness club are located. 

This event made a colossal fuss in mass media. The event was attended by STB, New, 24 Channel, ICTV, 5 Channel, as well as more than 10 online and print media. 

The president of Diving Federation Ihor Lysov, the founder of group of companies Sport Life Dmytro Yekimov and the senior coach of the Ukrainian national diving team Tamara Tokmacheva took part in the event dedicated to the championship preparation. The leading national mass media covered the event. 

As the President of Diving Federation Ihor Lysov noted: “The World Diving Championship will be the biggest and brightest event of 2018, as the competition would be held in Ukraine for the first time ever. We are proud that our “Lico-arena” would be able to host about 500 sportsmen from 47 countries that is the broadest possible representation at the competition of such scale”. 

“Our palace of water sports is fully ready for the championship. We possess the appropriate infrastructure that corresponds to the high world standards and is highly praised by the sportsmen, in particular during the Europe Diving Championship in June last year. We continue to create the most comfortable conditions for sportsmen both during trainings and rest. I am confident that young sportsmen would duly appreciate a new mini-hotel Favor sport and please us by the high results”, — noted Ihor Lysov. 

The founder of group of companies Sport Life Dmytro Yekimov, for his part, emphasized: “Sport Life Teremky is not just a fitness club, this is a whole palace of sports. We have gathered all innovations of the world fitness industry at 8 500 m² territory. And the main object of the club pride is a pool of Olympic standard, where the World Diving Championship will be held just in 10 days”.

“We continue to create a positive image of our country in the world. We held the World Kickboxing Championship a month ago and are already ready to the upcoming World Diving Championship. Sport Life cooperates with the federations of more than 50 sports, supports more than 100 national and world level competitions annually. That is the way the country receives dividends from the sports infrastructure we have been constructing for the last 10 years, — added Dmytro Yekimov. — Today there are 57 clubs of the network, where hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians do sports. By 2020 there will be 100 clubs. And we will start to build the fitness clubs in the European countries next year”. 

The senior coach of the Ukrainian national diving team Tamara Tokmacheva told about the preparation of the Ukrainian team: “12 sportsmen will represent our youth national team during the World Championship. This is dual responsibility to compete at home. But all are result-oriented as much as possible!”.