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The opened cup on the contact types of single combats in Sport Life.

September 6, 2018

In honour Day of physical education and sport of Ukraine, «Association of professional types of single combats» jointly with «Ukrainian kung fu Federation » conducted the opened cup.

The program of the event was boxing matches with battle section that included hits, wrestling moves and throws — kung fu sanda.

6 competing pairs which already passed preliminary selection are appeared in the finale of the cup and took part in boxing.

Nickolai Matulevskiy is the president of European kung fu Federation, master of international class, marked that on a ring we saw the twelve best sportsmen in above mentioned types of sport, which were selected through intermediate contests.

Competitions for sportsmen — not simply event. Preparation to such activities does not stop,that is why, besides the physical activity , sportsmen adhere to follow active and healthy way of life, regulate sleep patterns and have proper nutrition. No matter when the competition is going to start.

Tradition to conduct the opened competitions is unchanging within 20 years. It is not the first year when Sport Life Chernigivska accepts sportsmen and guests with gladness.