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The 8th Zenit Black Sea Open 2018 squash tournament was completed

August 27, 2018

132 players from 10 countries of the world visited Odessa in the last weekend. Sport Life Odessa Tairova gladly accepted participants.

The rewards deservedly got winners and prizewinners of this legendary international squash tournament under the bright name Zenit Black Sea. However, there were no world known stars and domestic squash players on this championship, but there was wonderful «battle» in execution of amateur and child's categories.

Zenit 2018 was completed, but already the continuation is wanted.

See you in Odessa in a year!!!

The winners of the tournament Zenit Black Sea Open 2018!!!


  1. Ahmed Muhamed (Egypt)
  2. Pogrebnyak Dmitry (Ukraine)
  3. Zheludkov Timofei (Ukraine)


  1. Anastasia Kostyukova (Ukraine)
  2. Hmelevskaya Olga (Belarus)
  3. Zhukovets Julia (Ukraine)

Category M1

  1. Alexeyenko Alexey (Ukraine)
  2. Abrishami Mahyar (Iran)
  3. Fredyuk Sergey (Ukraine)

Category M2

  1. Katruta Petru (Moldova)
  2. Vikhnich Nikolai (Ukraine)
  3. Kravs Yuri (Ukraine)

Category "Lady 2"

  1. Konkova Anna (Ukraine)
  2. Jandan Galina (Ukraine)
  3. Yakovenko Irina (Ukraine)

Category BU-11

  1. Shcherbakov Yegor (Ukraine)
  2. Khlus Nikita (Ukraine)
  3. Zaichenko David (Ukraine)

Category GU-11

  1. Begeba Kristina (Ukraine)
  2. Krikun Anastasiya (Ukraine)
  3. Fedotova Elizabeth (Ukraine)

Category BU-15

  1. Shcherbakov Dmitry-ml. (Ukraine)
  2. Bilyaev Ostap (Ukraine)
  3. Al Hassan Karim (Ukraine)

Category GU-15

  1. Kotova Olga (Ukraine)
  2. Velichko Milena (Ukraine)
  3. Al Hassan Yasmina (Ukraine)