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The opened training of fighters of WWFC 12 is in Sport Life!

October 2, 2018

In the run up to the scale tournament of WWFC 12, the main participants of a forthcoming event conducted the opened training in a fitnes-club Sport Life Chernigovskaya.

Participants of the tournament, fighters of WWFC — Sergey Spivak, Svetlana Gotsyk, Mikhay Kotrutse and Alexander Barabash, and also their competitors showed their physical form, and also readiness to a hexagon.

In advance of the grandiose tournament on the mixed martial arts, participants shared with their emotional state and expectations from fights.

Ukrainian heavyweight Sergey «Polar Bear» Spivak will conduct the second defence of title of champion WWFC . Sergey became the owner of belt in June, 2017, when in the first round he has handled with legendary American Travis Fulton who had more than 300 fights ,on that moment, behind his back. “My preparedness to the fight I evaluate on 10 on a scale ranging to 10. Ready for everything, that a rival will offer to me. My motivation? I will go out on a fight not as a champion but as a candidate, like this title does not belong to me“ — a sportsman comments.

One of main long-livers of WWFC league , where he has conducted 7 fights already , is Mikhay Kotrutse, in March he surpassed a frenchman Anthony Grondina, and in June won a candidate fight with kirghiz Aktilek Zhumabek. Mikhai also shares with his expectations before the fight: “I feel a great responsibility because I will fight for a title of the champion of the world, that was a long way for us”.

After unexpected fiasco in June, when the lost of the belt took place, Svetlana Bird Phoenix Gotsyk behaved philosophically to what has happened and sure that a failure will make her only stronger: “ I am very motivated and am eager to return a title. I had defeats already, but they made me only stronger. I am a warrior in the soul, it is my way, and I will prove everything in revenge“.

Christina Ivchenko, a press secretary of Sport Life group companies: “Today is very responsible event for sportsmen , when they demonstrate readiness to the future fights. They show the level of preparation and evaluate their competitors. We had the possibility to see preparation, because trainings passed in Sport Life clubs as well. Sportsmen must be ready both: physically and mentally. According to their purposeful look and mood, fighters have all chances to get desired champion titles“.

The main fight of WWFC 12 is going to be the second defence of the WWFC world champion title in heavy weight by Sergey «Polar Bear» Spivak and his opponent in a hexagon American Tony Cryptonit Lopes. But before, the new possessors of vacant champion titles in welterweight and flyweight will be determined: Mikhay Kotrutse will fight with Arber Murati, and Alexander Barabash will sort things out with Teymur Rakhimov. In addition, there will be a return of eks-champion Gotsyk, her rival will become the athlete from Uzbekistan Umutkan Aitieva.