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A meeting of Olympic athletes took place in Sport Life Teremky

November 26, 2018

On November 23 the National Olympic Committee organized a meeting of sportsmen, who participated in the Olympic Games, from all regions of Ukraine and all sports. 

More than 120 Olympians gathered in the innovation sports centre Liko that houses Sport Life Teremky. 

The young champions, who attend the sport diving school on the basis of Sport Life which has been working for over 5 years, showed their skills in the Olympic swimming pool. Going to the school the athletes take their first steps in water sport and reach a level of Olympians and candidates for master. 

The president of Diving Federation Ihor Lysov, founder of the group of companies Dmytro Yekimov, president of NOC of Ukraine Serhiy Bubka and head coach of the national diving team of Ukraine Tamara Tokmacheva took part in the event dedicated to the meeting with the members of the Olympians Association of NOC of Ukraine. The event was covered by the national media. 

Representatives of the Federation and founders of training facility wish to develop sports infrastructure in the country’s regions, so in the near future a similar track facility is planned to be open in Zaporizhzhia and then a 50-metre swimming pool would be also built in Lviv. 

The speakers reported on the development of Ukrainian sport during the press conference, as they believe a contribution to sport is the most valuable contribution to the nation’s health. 

The founder of the group of companies Dmytro Yekimov noted: “Sport Life Teremky is not just a fitness club, this is a whole palace of sports. We have gathered all innovations of the world fitness industry in the territory of 9 000 m². And an Olympic-standard swimming pool, where the World Diving Championship was held, is the major pride of the club. 

We continue to create a positive image of our country in the world. We support more than 100 national and world competitions every year. In particular, we have held the World Kickboxing Championship this year. In this way the country gets dividends from the sport infrastructure which we have built over the past 10 years. 

Today nearly 60 fitness clubs of the network are open, where hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians do sport. By 2020, a number of clubs will rise to 100. And already the next year we will start to build fitness clubs in the countries of Europe”. 

The president of Diving Federation Ihor Lysov noted: “We brilliantly held the World Championship — 50 countries came to us! The European Championship was conducted well. In the European counties 25 countries cultivate diving as sport. There were 23 counties in 2016. And I guess they and other guests will come in 2019! 

Therefore, every time we host from 700 to 1000 participants and team members. In addition, parents also come with children here, so they are already acknowledged with this kind of service and today they regard the basis of Ukraine as one of the best in Europe!” 

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