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Sport Life team conquered Sahara

April 14, 2011
Africa, Sahara

Sport Life fitness club team was the single team that crossed the finish line in Des Sables among pioneers.

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Solidary team – trainer and the club clients leading by the captain Igor Kucherenko, athletes Konstantin Lebedev, Yurii Klim and Konstantin Bozhko run in one of the most difficult and well-known in the sport world marathon Des Sables.

Traditionally marathoners started on the brink of Sahara desert in the small Moroccan town and crossed the distance of 251 km under the burning sun of African deserts. The task was complicated with an extra weight of stock in food, antidote from snake bite, sleeping bag, compass, knife, lighter and signal lights, taken by participants. Thankfully the organizing committee supplied every participant with 10,5 l of water every 24H.  There was huge difference of the average speed among participants from 3 to 12 km/hour. It seemed that 3 km per hour is a slowly speed and taking the rest between the laps people can go endlessly but for marathoners it was a real test under burning sun, sandstorms and sand dunes.

Igor Kuchernko told that to take part in the marathon is a trial for all the team, and in first turn it is a trail for everybody personally and it is a fight with yourself, with your organism, with your strength of will. The team was not freighted neither sandstorms, nor other test by nature. The preparation for the contest was exhausting as well as the marathon itself – the daily runs in the morning for 30 km distance and run on the race during 3 hours in the specially equipped room in Sport Life Fitness De Lux in Pechersk where the temperature of the air was maximum close to Sahara temperature – 120 °Fahrenheit.