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Infrastructure priorities

April 9, 2010
Building Business/ April 2010

A good infrastructure always attracts to the object additional leaseholders or buyers and the quality of the object itself is the symbol of a good clients’ base of the infrastructure component. How to build the negotiations with the developers in difficult situations and about the further priorities of the business developing, told Mr. Dmitrii Ekimov, the founder of the Group of companies Sport Life.

"Sport Life" increases it is muscles mass

April 7, 2010
"Delo" newspaper, April 2010

Despite the crisis the group of companies “Sport Life” continued it is increasing on the market of sporting and health improving centers.

We create the life style

April 2, 2010
Kontrakty magazine/ 29.03.2010

 On 17th of March in Kiev the Group of companies DeVision and Sport Life Group presented the plans of their joint development in Ukraine. 

Sport Life enlarges it is chain of fitness clubs

April 2, 2010
Glavred / #13 (166) March, 29th

The President of the group of companies DeVision Dmitrii Buryak and the founder of the group of companies SPORT LIFE Dmitrii Ekimov organized a collective press-conference on 17th of March 2010 together with the representatives of mass media, where they shared the details of the new project, peculiarities and advantages of the allocation of the luxury fitness club Sport Life chain De Lux format on the territory of “Domosfera” shopping mall. They commented the economical situation on the Ukrainian market of the sport services as for today in general. Moreover Mr. Buryak and Mr. Ekimov announced their own investing plans for the developing of the sport infrastructure in Ukraine and they presented their further plans of the project “Domosfera” developing.

In line with press-conference Dmitrii Buryak and Dmitrii Ekimov solemnly signed the contract for the new luxury fitness club Sport Life De Lux opening in the Shopping mall “Domosfera” (Stolichnoe shosse, 101). After results of the effective collaboration the group of companies Sport Life rents over than 3 000 sq. m. for 15 years in order to allocate there the fitness club.

The best place

March 31, 2010
Building Business / March 2010

What are the areas which the operators of the Japanese restaurants are looking for and what are the conditions they are ready to rent and buy the premises, Viktor Marmuzov, the managing partner of

Wet stars

March 15, 2010

The capital fitness club Sport Life Fitness De Lux decided to check the sportsmanship of the show-biz celebrities and invited them to participate in the cheerful contests in swimming. We have to admit that the artists showed their excellent sporting skills, in the meanwhile the professionalism of the participants was appraised by the famous swimmers Yana Klochkova and Denis Silantiev.

The clients are ready to pay money exclusively for the good service

March 11, 2010
Individual Service / April

Professionally equipped area to have the full-grown training. Also it is very important to meet there people with the common interest and spirit. For businessmen the key fact is time saving, just exactly fitness clubs of our chain offer the services of their own cosmetic saloons, doctors, dietitians, etc. The clients are ready to pay money for good service and high quality.

Star Swim

March 4, 2010
XXL magazine

Fitness-club Sport Life offers everybody to spend the winter evenings actively, furthermore the accent is on the word “everybody”. On the 6th February there performed an event under the code name “Star swim”. Show biz celebrities were participating in the competition in the water, moreover everybody can join them even if the person does not obtain the status of celebrity. Among the star swimmers there were “4 Kings”, “Para normalnyh” and Natalia Valevskaya, Vasilii Bondarchuk, Kishe, Andrei Dzhedzhula, Stalevar from Comedy Club and others.

«Sport life» is planning to open 6 sport clubs in 2010

February 25, 2010

Group of companies “Sport Life” the operator of the eponymous chain of fitness-clubs and restaurants “Eurasia” plans in 2010 to open 6 sport clubs in Ukraine. Two clubs in Kiev (“Protasov Yar”) and in Krivoi Rog where opening is scheduled on February-March. This information was given to by Dmitriy Ekimov, the founder of the Group of Companies “Sport Life”.

Running toward the health.

February 18, 2010
Lichnyi schet magazine # 1-2 January-February 2010

Dmitriy Ekimov, the founder of the Group of companies “Sport Life” was interviewed by Lichnyi schet and he named the benefits of the sport training in the Sport Life clubs 

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