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Dmitrij Ekimov: Market of fitness in Kiev is not formed yet

December 29, 2009

Concerning competitiveness in the market of fitness services in Ukraine, Mr. Ekimov says that this market is not on such level that we could talk about competitiveness. Premium segment is presented on high level where cost of annual club card starts from 3 thous. $. 

Twist of fate

December 23, 2009
Status, №49-51

Dmitrij Ekimov, the founder of Sport Life Group of companies: Namely on the eve of 2005 an idea to develop own business in Ukraine came to me, directly in Kiev. The matter was the following. After the long holidays I was coming back to Moscow from Miami. The plane has been landed in Boryspol for more than three hours due to technical reasons.


December 14, 2009
XXL, 12/2009

On Friday evening October, 30 it was really hot in fitness-club Sport Life Fitness De Lux in Pechersk.

Health under cards

November 27, 2009
Week #48 (109), 27.11 - 3.12

Success in business is seldom contingency or gift of fortune. It is a result of hard work and positive perception of life. Dmitrij Ekimov, the founder of Sport Life Group refers to such people. His goal is development of fitness-clubs in the whole Ukraine. He is sure that it is guite achievable. He told about his plans and prospects of his company to newspaper “Week”.

Team of Sport Life Group was satisfied with results of The ING New York City Marathon

November 17, 2009
The New York Times

Team of Sport Life Group together with Ukrainian athlete Konstantin Lebedev returned from the USA who participated in jubilee 40th marathon The ING New York City Marathon. 

Dmitrij Ekimov: Even during crisis people don’t save on health

November 16, 2009
Izvestiya in Ukraine

Dmitrij told about plans of his company to “Izvestiya in Ukraine”.

Dmitrij Ekimov: We select the most favorable places for fitness-clubs.

November 12, 2009

About a half-year ago Sportlife Group of companies actively began to search places for new sport clubs. Today the founder of Sport Life Group Dmitrij Ekimov told about preliminary results of wide advertising campaign. 
Due to active advertising campaign which we began half-year ago, many interesting suggestions appeared to open fitness-clubs in capital and regions. Earlier we were searching meetings with owners of premises, but now they want to meet with us. We study all suggestions and we shall chose those which will be profitable for both parties. 

Chain of fitness-clubs “Sport Life” is developing rapidly

November 11, 2009, 11.11.09

Chain of fitness-clubs “Sport Life” is developing rapidly. Nowadays we have fitness-club “Sport Life” on Petrovka which is more than 2 years. From 15 of November we are opening elite fitness-club “Sport Life Fitness De Lux” which is situated in housing estate “Triumph”. After this we are opening fitness-club in Protasov Yar. In 2010 we are opening six fitness-clubs which are now in the stage of building. We are planning to involve not only Kiev, but other cities with one million population in regions. Clubs are differ from each other. Each club works in its own format. We have three of them- BUSINESS, PREMIUM and ELITE. Fitness-club “Sport Life” in Petrovka works in Elite format, club which we are planning to open in the first quarter 2010 in Protasov Yar will be Business and Premium.

Healthy prices

October 22, 2009

Despite of crisis, Ukrainians continue to invest money in themselves. In particular,

services of fitness-centers are in great demand. Newspaper “Money” found out about discounts and bonuses which offer fitness-centers.

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